Wednesday, June 17, 2009

It's Raining in Adelaide

Today we are heading back to Adelaide, but before the ferry we made a few stops. After checking out, we went east on the South Coast Road. Our first stop was Vivonne Bay. It provided a nice last view of the Southern Ocean & Nobby Island (where the seal colony

ends). We were the only souls in sight, really peaceful.

Next up was the “Little Sahara,” a collection of sand dunes. We drove to the little turn-off, and found the road to be flooded over from all the rain L No Little Sahara for us. We kept driving around and saw a turnout/photo op so we parked & got out. It was a place called “Prospect Hill.” It was a bit of a hike to the top, but it offered really pretty views of the American River Aquatic Reserve, one of the many natural preserves on the island.

We continued east all the way to the far end of the island, to Cape Willoughby Lighthouse. We just made it to the 12:30 tour. We got to see all the old weather equipment and old lanterns/lenses that were used. Then we got to climb to the top of the lighthouse. It was about 20 meters up, and the views were great! Earlier in the day they’d spotted a whale, so I hoped to see one, but we didn’t. It was a gorgeous & clear day. Our tour guide assured us that the Backstairs Passage (where the ferry crosses) was at its calmest. The ride did turn out to be very calm, but there were 4 tractor trailers full of sheep on the ferry.. it did not smell pleasant, but that’s the reality of life down there, I guess J

Had a rather uneventful drive back to Adelaide, hit rush hour in the rain (and sang “It’s raining… in Adelaide”), had a quick dinner, and went to bed


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