Saturday, June 13, 2009

Brisbane to Adelaide

Up around 7:00, had hotel breakfast, and ate a ton!

We walked across from the hotel to an area called “South Bank” and they were setting up some wine & food festival. We walked around a bit to get our bearings, then got on the “CityCat” ferry to Riverwide, up the river a few stations. We walked back on the North Bank & spent a lot of time in the Botanical Gardens. There were lots of tropical plants – palms, hibiscus, a “dragon tree” that was super old, plumerias, and a gazillion things I can’t name. there was also a neat area showing the “mangrove” habitat. Full of eucalyptus (I think) birds & shallow water. We crossed back over to the South Bank and slowly made our way back to our hotel. Walked through a city waterpark just to people watch.

Got to our hotel, got the car and bags, and headed to the airport. Caught our flight to Adelaide (yummy carrot cupcake & other good stuff – thanks Qantas!), and smiled every time a flight attendant said “Adelaide.” It just rolls beautifully with an Australian accent! We arrived in Adelaide after dark, made our way to the hotel, had a quick dinner, and went to bed. Some group of guys got stuck in the elevator and were yelling with the alarm going off for over an hour. Ugh.

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