Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day in Sydney - Last Day in Australia

Up early (7:15) and out around 8 for “brekkie.” We made our way over to the Royal Botanical Gardens and “Mrs. Macquerie’s Chair.” It is a big chair carved into the rock and provides a great view of the harbour. It was also the best spot for a simultaneous view of the Opera House & bridge. Took lots of pictures, then walked over to have a closer look at the opera house. It was a lot bigger than I’d expected, and just so interesting. We walked around it and took a quick look around the foyer.

After that, we walked over to Circular Quay and got on a ferry to cross the harbour. We got over to Luna Park and then walked back over the bridge, which really let us see how far the city goes. The harbour just goes on and on in both directions. After crossing, we found a food court and had Mexican, then went back to our hotel to rest for an hour before our bike tour.

The bike tour began in the oldest district of Sydney, known as The Rocks. We met up there a little early and had a nice chat with a guy from the US who lived in Dallas for 8 years. He played in a band in Dallas and worked w/ the city council. Really nice guy and let us know that one of the founders of Bonza Bike Tours is an Aggie!

Our guide was a college-age guy named Adrian and there was only one other guest with us. We started w/ a look @ Circular Quay, and learned a little bit of Sydney history. Saw the oldest building in Sydney, from around 1810. We rode along the water, up to some old docks that are now luxury apartments (our guide pointed out where Nicole Kidman lives when in Sydney). Up next was Darling Harbour, which was like a big outdoor hangout spot. We then made our way through China town, then to the gardens. First through Hyde Park, then __I forgot the name__, then the Royal Botanicals. Went by Mrs. M’s chair, saw huge flocks of cockatoos in the gardens, went past the opera house, and slowly made our way back to Circular Quay and to The Rocks. After the tour we found out our next outing, a pub tour of The Rocks, was cancelled. We got a refund and went out to find dinner on our own. We found a little Italian place, then walked around Circular Quay trying to find somewhere to go for dessert. We found nothing and ended up at a Starbucks. After that, we were pretty much done. Our fabulous trip to Australia was over, and while we are sad for it to be over, we are excited to go home to see our family and friends.

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