Friday, March 12, 2010

Four Seasons Maui

We did it! We took the plunge last night and hit "submit" on our reservation at the Maui Four Seasons! It's crazy to think that 5 years ago we were just thrilled to be going to Hawaii - who cares where we stay/how we get there/what we do - we were going! And now we've booked the #1 and #2 hotels on Maui according to tripadvisor. I never would have imagined...

There are too many things about the Four Seasons that excite me, so here are a few:

*Free yoga on the beach!
*We got breakfast included in our rate, so we get an awesome breakfast each morning.
*An outdoor cardio area - if I can't find time to run on a trail, I can run on a treadmill while overlooking the Pacific!
*Complimentary snorkel gear.
*Complimentary outrigger canoe lessons.
*Complimentary scuba intro lesson in a pool.
*An adults-only pool!
*Free use of cabanas at the other pools.
*The resort staff will come and SPRITZ ME with water while I lounge at the pool or on the beach.
*From what I read on tripadvisor, they will also offer me sunscreen and offer to clean my sunglasses.

I could just go on and on. We never splurge quite like this, and I'm excited! This will be the perfect ending to Hawaii 2010.

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